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The Baby-Mover

Evacuate 3 babies up to a total weight of 27kg

EAN Code: 8720844050802

Baby Mover


  • Up to three babies can be evacuated at the same time
  • Designed for up to 60 lbs total weight
  • Hands free to open doors, make an emergency call or to take other children by the hand


  • Just put the apron over your head like a T-shirt
  • Overcome obstacles like getting up or down the stairs easily
  • Retrieve kids from the danger zone within seconds


  • Approved Quality
  • Fire resistant
  • Reinforced seams
  • Solid workmanship

The products from Baby-Mover are designed for evacuating babies.


For a total weight of up to 27kg

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Newborn Baby Mover

For premature babies weighing up to 15 kg

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For training purposes

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The Baby-Mover can be expanded with the Moofy. The ideal test dummy!

Fast & sage evacuation from danger zone

The BABY MOVER® is a professional evacuation apron for the rapid emergency rescue of babies and toddlers from buildings and hazardous areas.

Approved quality

This life-saving equipment is made of flame-retardant material and is simply pulled over the head of the rescuer like a T-shirt. The three specially designed and tear-resistant pockets allow the children to be quickly and safely inserted from above. Due to the quality of the tested material and the special processing, it is possible to carry a total weight of up to 60 lbs (20 lbs maximum weight per child) with the BABY MOVER®.

Hands free

The pockets are attached left and right at the sides with a centralized pocket at the front. Thus, a person who already carries up to three babies with the BABY MOVER® additionally has free hands to hold on the handrail, open doors, or make an emergency call by cell phone.

Made in EU

Designed and manufactured by Wi-Care international B.V. in the Netherlands the BABY MOVER® is now sold all over the world.

Check the user manual of the Baby-Mover.