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Infant evacuation

For safe and quick infant evacuation, the nearby presence of the right aiding devices is of great importance. 

For the evacuation of babies and toddlers an evacuation plan is indispensable. Since caring for young children already is an intense and responsible job under normal conditions, especially when emergency situations pop up caring for children can be a big deal. To make this task of infant evacuation easier for adults and to be able to evacuate all children from hazardous situations, the evacuation apron of Baby-Mover B.V. is created. For evacuation it is important to have a clear safety program, in which infant evacuation devices should be included. Safety programs should be set up for childcare centers and houses of hosting parents. With our apron, up to three children can be evacuated at the same time without further support. In this way, also other things can be done at the same time such as opening doors and making an emergency call. 

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Infant evacuation BABY MOVER®

The BABY MOVER® infant evacuation apron is made from flame-retardant, solid and tear-resistant fabric and has reinforced seams. It has three pockets, one on each side and one on the front of the apron. Each pocket can carry a weight of up to 20 lbs, so a total weight of 60 lbs can be carried. The pockets do not need any extra support, as they are attached with reinforced seams and tear-resistant fabric. Therefore, the person that carries the apron has his/her hands free to e.g. take hold of other children by hand. The infant evacuation apron of Baby-Mover B.V. can easily be put on, as you just pull it over the head like a T-shirt. This makes it extra suitable for infant evacuation, as the apron can be put on quickly.

Infant evacuation product BABY MOVER®

Our infant evacuation product can' t be missed in emergency situations. The three children that you carry in the apron are placed upright, with their face towards the carrier in order to protect them from extern dangers. The fabric of the infant evacuation vest has been checked and tested extensively in laboratories, ensuring safe materials and constructions. When there is flood risk, danger of fire or any other calamity the BABY MOVER® evacuation apron is indispensable.

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The infant evacuation apron of Baby-Mover B.V. is produced in the Netherlands by Wi-Care B.V. and distributed throughout Europe and in the USA. The directions for use and information about the guarantee can be found on this website. If you have any questions regarding our product, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to help you and would be honored if our infant evacuation product is a lifesaver for you!