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baby rescue

Make sure to be prepared for baby rescue by setting up an emergency plan.

Baby rescue is an important topic to think about and to prepare yourself for, especially if you own a daycare center or work in one. Since babies and toddlers are incapable of having a clear overview and taking aimed action quickly, the presence of adults and evacuation equipment could be life saving in hazardous situations. Places where many infants are gathered, such as daycare centers, maternity wards or houses of hosting parents are especially vulnerable for young children in emergency situations. A lot of children need to be evacuated by adults. For the purpose of creating quick, safe and clear evacuation of a lot of infants at the same time, the BABY MOVER® baby rescue device is designed. It is an indispensable device for completing the evacuation plan of daycare centers. Up to three children can be moved without further care with it at the same time. 

Baby rescue apron

Only with the help of an evacuation plan can baby rescue be executed in its safest and quickest way. Therefore, to be sure you did everything you could for baby resue, set up your evacuation plan timely. In this way, you give caretakers in the daycare center a clear overview of what to do when and how if an emergency situation arises. To prepare an evacuation plan, please take a look at the guidelines and directives on information websites for fire safety. Evacuation devices are indispensable for quick and risk migitating evacuation. Baby rescue is a lot safer and more quick when done with our evacuation apron. We would be honored if lives were saved with our apron. If you are interested in pictures of the baby rescue evacuation apron, take a look at our Photo Gallery.

The baby rescue BABY MOVER® evacuation apron is made of a tear-resistant, flame-retardant material and has three pockets, two at both sides and one at the front. Each pocket has reinforced seams and can carry a weight of 20 lbs without extra support needed. Thus, the person carrying the apron can move around freely and open doors, take other children by hand, take hold of the banister, open doors or make an emergency call by cell phone. It is easy to put on our baby rescue apron as you just pull it over the head like a T-shirt. Make sure to be prepared for baby rescue by setting up an emergency plan and putting evacuation aid devices in there. If you are interested in seeing a video of our evacuation apron, visit our homepage

Baby rescue contact BABY MOVER®

The BABY MOVER® is a professional evacuation baby rescue apron and indispensable in dangerous situations. Obviously, our hopes are it won't be necessary to use our evacuation product, but we would be honored if it saved lives of babies and infants. Our baby rescue device has been tested various times in laboratoria on safety and is very easy to put on, as you just pull it over your head like a T-shirt. The BABY MOVER® baby rescue can be purchased on several websites and platforms, but if you have any questions regarding this product please contact us. 

Our baby rescue apron is produced in the Netherlands by Wi-Care B.V. and distributed throughout Europe and in the USA. The directions for use and the guarantee information can be found on our website. If you have any further questions regarding our baby rescue product, please do not hestiate to contact ons. We are pleased to help you.