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Infant evacuation devices

For infant evacuation, it is important to have certain devices within reach to make it easier and more quick to evacuate as many children as possible. One of those devices is the BABY MOVER® evacuation apron. It is especially appropriate for organisations where a lot of children are gathered, like nurseries, childcare centers and maternity wards. On top of that, host parents might need it as well in their homes. In the BABY MOVER® evacuation apron up to three children can handsfree be carried at the same time.

Infant evacuation BABY MOVER®

The BABY MOVER® infant evacuation vest is made of solid and flame-retardant fabric, making it protected against fire. It has three pockets, of which each can carry w weight of up to 20 lbs. The BABY MOVER® can carry 60 lbs in total, without the need of extra support. This is realised by putting reinforced seams on the pockets and using solid fabric. Due to this, the person carrying the infants in the apron has his/her hands free and can open doors, make an emergency call by cell phone or take hold of more children while carrying the three in the apron. This makes the BABY MOVER® a very convenient and efficient way of evacuating young children from dangerous situations. 
It is east to put on the BABY MOVER®, as you put it on just like a T-shirt.

Information BABY MOVER® evacuation apron

More information regarding the BABY MOVER® evacuation apron for infants, e.g. the gurantee and directions for use, can be found on this website. The BABY MOVER® is manufactured in the Netherlands by Wi-Care B.V. and sold throughout Europe and the USA. If you have any questions regarding our product, be sure to contact us. 

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