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Infant emergency

Infant emergency situations make the BABY MOVER® evacuation apron indispensable for safe and quick evacuation.

In case of emergencies, such as floodings or fires, a clear and safe emergency plan is of great importance. Beware of the possibility of such an unforeseen event happening in your childcare center or on your maternity ward. Make sure that the proper tools are available to quickly and safely evacuate as many children as possible. In places where a lot of children are gathered, such as daycare centers, maternity wards or nurseries, the BABY MOVER® is a suitable device for quick and safe infant emergency evacuation. Since young children aren't yet capable of overseeing (emergency) situations or aren't even able to walk, they are vulnerable and dependent. As a lot of children are gathered at e.g. daycare centers, guidance of adults and the help of evacuation devices is indispensable. The BABY MOVER® apron can therefore be of great value at the houses of hosting parents too when emergency situations turn up. Up to three children can be carried handsfree in our apron at the same time, making it suitable for infant emergency situations.

Infant emergency BABY MOVER®

In infant emergency situations the evacuation apron of Baby-Mover B.V. can save the lives of newborns and infants! The BABY MOVER® evacuation apron is produced with flame-retardant material and solid fabric. The three pockets placed at both sides and at the front of the apron can each carry up to 20 lbs, which makes a total of 60 lbs that can be carried in this infant emergency apron. The pockets do not need any extra support from the person carrying, because of the reinforced seams and solid fabric. Handsfree carrying enables the carrier to open doors, take hold of other children on the way, use the banister or make an emergency call. Our evacuation apron can be put on over the head, just like a T-shirt. Be prepared for infant emergency by purchasing the BABY MOVER® apron amd setting up an evacuation plan!

Information infant emergency BABY MOVER®

In short, the infant emergency apron of Baby-Mover B.V. is an essential gadget at daycare centers and maternity wards. Hazardous situations can occur anywhere and at any time, so make sure the suitable emergency products are present for evacuation of infants and toddlers in places where many infants are gathered.

More information regarding the BABY MOVER® infant emergency evacuation apron can be found on this website, such as the directions for use and the guarantee information.

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The infant emergency apron of Baby-Mover B.V. is designed and produced in the Netherlands by Wi-Care B.V. Distributed throughout Europe and the USA, our infant emergency product has proven to be an efficient way for evacuation of young children globally. If you have any questions about our infant emergency product, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to help you. Please visit our homepage or Photo Gallery if you are interested in seeing pictures or videos of our infant emergency apron. These give you an impression of the appearance and mechanism of the infant emergency device.