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Emergency evacuation products

Emergency evacuation products and measures should be part of your safety program. 

The emergency evacuation products can't be missed, especially when a lot of small children have to be removed from dangerous situations. For this purpose, BABY MOVER® created a baby evacuation apron. Our emergency evacuation products are particularly indispensable in childcare centers, nurseries, maternity wards and houses of hosting parents. With our apron, up to three children can be moved at the same time from emergency situations. The BABY MOVER® is one of the most indispensable emergency evacuation products. 

Any pictures of our emergency evacuation product can be found at our Photo Gallery.

Emergency evacuation products BABY MOVER®

Our product is especially suitable for emergency situations, as these BABY MOVER® emergency evacuation products are made of solid, flame-retardant fabric. Up to 60 lbs can be carried by our apron, each of the three pockets carrying 20 lbs. One pocket of the apron is placed on the front and two are placed at the sides. The emergency evacuation products have reinforced seams and are made of tear-resistant fabric, so that the person that carries the the apron has his/her hands free. This is very convenient for emergency situations, as it will be possible to make emergency calls by cell phone, take hold of other children by hand and open doors. 

The BABY MOVER® emergency evacuation apron is one of the most professional emergency evacuation products. It enables small children to be evacauated easily, safely and quickly. Emergency evacuation products, such as the aprons of BABY MOVER®, are indispensable additions to any safety program.

Information emergency evacuation products BABY MOVER®

To sum up, the BABY MOVER® evacuation apron is an indispensable gadget in the list of emergency evacuation products. Be prepared for emergency situations by making sure you got the right products to evacuate as many children as possible in the least amount of time. Our emergency evacuation products are tested various times in laboratoria, ensuring their safety and solidity. Use our emergency evacuation product to keep the children of your daycare center safe.

Emergency evacuation products BABY MOVER®

Any extra information regarding our baby emergency evacuation products can be found on our website. You can for example find the guarantee information and the directions for use there. The BABY MOVER® is produced by Wi-Care B.V. in the Netherlands and is sold throughout Europe and in the USA. If you have any questions regarding our emergency evacuation products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to help you with your questions via one of the ways displayed on our website and would be honored if our emergency evacuation products could be a lifesaver for you in the future.