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child evacuation

The evacuation apron of BABY MOVER® is created for the purpose of helping adults manage child evacuation in emergency situations.

Are you an owner of a daycare center or do you have the lead over a maternity ward? Please consider the options for child evacuation immediately. Since infants are very accident-prone due to their still developing sense of awareness and their lack of overview, adults are needed to take care of them, as they cannot take care of themselves or other children yet. Children can't manage circumstances and keep themselves or others away from potential danger. Especially in hazardous situations with a lot of children in one place, children need care from adults to prevent even worse scenarios. The guidance and protection of adults can't be missed to prevent or deal with emergency situations. Child evacuation needs to be thought of carefully and thoroughly in order to be prepared well if an hazardous situation arises. In addition, it is crucial that children are brought to safety as quickly as possible in an emergency situation. The child evacuation apron of BABY MOVER® is created for the purpose of helping adults manage the emergency and child evacuation. Our product is indispensable in emergency situations, as it can save lifes of young children and babies. Child evacuation is safe and quick when using our evacuation apron. It's indispensable in daycare centers.

Child evacuation apron

The design of our child evacuation product is simple. However, the apron with its three pockets is of indispensable value. Each of the pockets can carry a weight of up to 20 lbs, so three children with a maximal cumulative weight of 60 lbs can be evacuated with our apron simultaneously, while without the apron, one or two children can be brought to safety, making child evacuation easier. Since the pockets are steadied on the apron with reinforced seams, the person carrying the apron doesn't need to support the pockets, enabling apron carriers to use their hands for emergency calls and staircase banisters. In addition, other children can be taken by the hand. The child evacuation apron is tested various times in laboratories, ensuring its safety and steadiness. Child evacuation is easier, safer and quicker due to our evacuation apron. The child evacuation apron is indispensable in any evacuation plan for daycare centers and maternity wards.

Child evacuation BABY MOVER®

The BABY MOVER® child evacuation apron is created for quick and safe evacuation. Thus, it is an honour when our product saves the young lives of the children in your childcare center or hosting house. The child evacuation device can be put on easily, just like a T-shirt. A maximal weight of 20 lbs can be carried by every pocket placed on the apron. The child evacuation apron is indispensable at maternity wards, nurseries or in childcare centers. On top of that, our product is a must at the houses of hosting parents as well. This enables quick child evacuation and can therefore be life saving.

Child evacuation device

The child evacuation apron of BABY MOVER® is especially suitable for any place where a lot of children are gathered, such as a childcare center, nursery or maternity ward. Our apron can also be of great value in the houses of hosting parents. Be sure to have the child evacuation device from BABY MOVER® present to save infant lives! Are you interested in our apron and in the way it works and what it looks like? Although the apron is easy to use for child evacuation, it may be useful to consult the instructions for use. The instructions can be found on our website. Baby-Mover B.V. also offers pictures and a video of the child evacuation device for more clarity on how to use it. These pictures and the video are displayed throughout the website. Visit the Photo Gallery and our Homepage if you want to see them directly.

Child evacuation contact BABY MOVER®

Our child evacuation aprons are produced in the Netherlands by Wi-Care B.V. and distributed in Europe and the U.S.A. If you have any questions regarding our product, please do not hesitate to contact us via one of the contacting possibilities displayed on our website. We are pleased to help you and would be honoured if our product helped you with child evacuation. If you are interested in pictures of our child evacuation apron, please visit our Photo Gallery.