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Baby rescue emergency rapid evacuation device

Safety is an immensely important aspect of a daycare center. The gathering of toddlers, babies and infants in general makes the place weak in case of an emergency. Since infants depend on care, the need for extra help and a transparant evacuation plan is evoked. Safe and quick evacuation can't be missed in hazardous situations in childcare centers, meaning a clear overview should be present indicating baby rescue emergency rapid evacuation for the adults. In this overview, both the actions and devices should be noted. Attention should be given to baby rescue emergency rapid evacuation devices. The BABY MOVER® evacuation device is indispensable in childcare centers. Only then also the youngest children can be brought into safety quickly and safely in case of an emergency.

Baby rescue rapid evacuation apron

Drawing up an evacuation plan before you open your daycare center is of great importance to enlarge safety of the infants and caretakers that are gathered in such a building. This promotes safe baby rescue emergency rapid evacuation. Information on the directives for a safe childcare center and a solid and clear evacuation plan can for example be found on fire safety websites. Quick evacuation can be realized when using different evacuation devices, like the evacuation apron of BABY MOVER®. Up to three childeren can be moved by one person without extra support in our baby rescue emergency rapid evacuation device of Baby Mover B.V. This induces that the person carrying the apron has his/her hands free, enabling him or her to take other important actions and arrange things at the same time. Thus, our evacuation aprons as tools for childevacuation will cause a grown in safety of your childcare center. 

Baby emergency rapid evacuation device BABY MOVER®

The BABY MOVER® emergency rapid evacuation device has three pockets, placed one at the front and two at the sides of the device. Each pocket of this apron can carry a weight of up to 20 lbs. Our aprons are made of a flame-retardant fabric and the pockets are placed on the apron with reinforced seams. Therefore, our apron is a solid and safe rapid evacuation device for baby rescue. Because of the solid fabric and reinforced seams, no extra support is needed from the person carrying. This makes it possible to make emergency calls, open doors or take other children by hand, which is convenient and necessary in emergency evacuation situations. Since our apron can be pulled over the head like a T-shirt, it is easy to put on. Our baby rescue emergency rapid evacuation device is indispensable in daycare centers and at maternity wards, as it helps to enlarge the safety of babies, toddlers and infants. If you are interested in seeing a video of our evacuation device, please visit our homepage.

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The evacuation apron of Baby-Mover B.V. is produced by Wi-Care B.V. in the Netherlands and is distributed and sold throughout Europe and in the USA. If you are interested in receiving more information on our product or if you want to ask a specific question regarding the baby rescue emergency rapid evacuation device, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached via telephone, e-mail or the contact form on our website. We are pleased to help you and will respond as soon as possible.